Advice for allied proffessionals

  • Clear circle Instructions – use transparent circles provided
  • Brock String Exercise

1. Either have the subject or the helper hold the cards

2. The cards should be held about 40 cm from the subject.

3. Begin with the two cards together with the “A”s touching.


Convergence (eyes pointing inwards)

1. The subject should see two cards at this point.

2. Ask the subject to try and cross his eyes and get the feeling of looking closer.

3. If he cannot do this voluntarily, let him look at your finger placed  between the patient’s face and the cards.

4. When he achieves fusion he will see “three sets of circles.” (sometimes it helps to look for four sets first and then fuse the middle ones)

5. Explain that he is to concentrate only on the middle set (which is imaginary) and to ignore the two side images.

6. Ask him about the middle set of circles. He should be able to spontaneously indicate that he sees two circles, one larger than the other and that the larger one appears to be floating closer to him. In addition, he should see the word “clear”, in focus. It is important to make the subject aware that this perception of depth is a feedback cue about his performance.

7. Once he can achieve fusion ask him to hold the position for 5 seconds, look away momentarily, and look back at the cards and regain fusion.

8. Instruct the subject to repeat these 10 times and then separate the cards about 1 centimeter and repeat the entire procedure again. Continue until he is able to achieve fusion, look away and back with the cards separated about 12 cm.

Divergence Therapy

1. The same general procedures are performed for divergence therapy except that the subject must now diverge behind the plane of the cards.

2. Subjects often experience some difficulty initially with this procedure.

3. If he cannot do this voluntarily, let him look at your finger placed further away from patient than the cards

Use the Brock String provided in your pack

Purpose: To provide immediate feedback as to whether both eyes are turned on, whether they are pointed to the same place in space, and whether perception of where a target is matches its real location. Also, to increase familiarity with the feeling of converging and diverging, aiding conscious control of the process.


1. Tie one end of string to doorknob, screw eye, etc or let someone hold the end. Hold the string taut and with the other end in a fist grip, directly under the nose.

2. The patient should choose a bead to fixate on, and notice if two apparent strings are going into that bead. The “X” formed by the two strings should be right on the bead the patient has chosen.

3. The patient should look at each bead carefully. If both eyes are exactly on the bead, they will see an X. If they see the strings crossing in front of the bead or in back of the bead, this means their eyes are not really looking at the bead. Be sure you can get the X at all beads (except the one at the far end, which will just have the 2 strings coming out toward you in a “V.”)

NOTE: If one string is disappearing or getting shadowy, it means that the brain is switching an eye off.

Advanced exercise:

4. Give the patient the colour of a bead to which they are to “jump” their eyes. Before jumping, while looking at another bead, the patient should use peripheral vision to see where the bead is that they are jumping to, plan the move in their mind first, then make the jump on the command “GO”.

5. Select a series of beads to which to “jump” the eyes. For example, red to green to yellow. Think about the pattern and plan ahead to know exactly where and which way the eyes will be moving.

6. On the command of the helper to “GO,” make the planned jump. Try to notice if the strings cross directly at each bead and make their “X.” The helper should watch the patient’s eyes to see if they move together and go to the proper places. Repeat several times using different sequences of beads.

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